Saturday, January 17, 2009

Three of God's miracles...

I continue to be amazed at the blessings that are allowed me through Annabel. I just wanted to post a little tonight and I will follow up with more pictures at a later date. A couple weeks ago I was contacted by Brianna Botts family who lives in Florida. Brianna is 21 months old, has gorgeous blue eyes and Trisomy 18. I have been following her on her CaringBridge site and on occasion Brenda and I email each other. They were coming to Texas this coming week and were willing to come in early to meet Annabel. Annabel had to be in Houston for a drs. appt. and so they flew in early on Friday so we could spend sometime together. We stayed at the same hotel and were able to spend some great relaxing time just hanging out and watching our girls. Brianna has a beautiful family who loves her very much and take unbelievable care with her. Just in the short time we were together I learned so much. There was also a family who lives in Houston with a nine month old little girl, named Rachel. She also has Trisomy 18 and I have been in contact with her mom, Sarah. She was able to come to the hotel and meet with us Friday evening. She couldn't meet up with us on Saturday and we were all sorry for this. As most of you know, Trisomy 18 is so rare that it was just amazing and an incredible blessing to be sitting in this hotel with these 3 precious little girls. The conversation flowed so freely as we just shared so much information about our little girls. There are so many similarities but there are also many differences. Rachel who is only 9 mths. was already sitting up alone. Brianna who is 21 mths. old would roll over, get up on all fours, very close to crawling. Annabel always has seemed so small to me when compared to other children. She looked big for the first time to me last night! I will add just a couple of my very armature photos but will follow up with Brianna's mom who took many more pictures with a much better camera. I am so thanking God from the support that He allows to bless us through these families of these wonderful miracle babies.


EXHAUSTED, as she sleeps with one eye open!


May said...

Miracle babies there are! Yes Vera better do some catching up too on the sitting front!

Hilary said...

Awesome!! What beautiful girlies!!

Kelly said...

how awesome that you all got to meet! i'm a little jealous! the girls are amazing and the pics are adorable. hopefully they will be able to come to virginia in july. can't wait to see you guys at conference!

Laurie in Ca. said...

Aren't these girlies just the cutest?
And you are right Cathy, seeing Annabel next to them makes her look her age and so mature. I just love these pictures of little miracles in progress. Go Girls!! I am so happy for the bonding you are able to do with other miracle mommies. What a blessing it must be for all of you. I love you Cathy and all these girls.

Love and Hugs, Laurie

Kathy said...

So love the pictures of Annabel with her two new BFFs! Too adorable and, as Laurie said, how wonderful for the three moms' to have the time to meet, share, brag and commiserate.

God bless you all for being such wonderful, loving moms to these three beautiful little ones!!!

Will be anxious to see more posts of your girl's day out!


The VW's said...

What a wonderful experience for all of you! And, what beautiful little miracles!

Karen said...

Cathy...I found your blog through various blogs and cannot fully express what an encouragement and BLESSING it was to see your sweet girl!!! We have dear friends that are in Texas as well (Dallas) and are expecting their daughter Gracie in March. They have been told that Gracie has either Trisomy 13 or 18 and many other problems. If you ever have the time, could you please stop by their blog?...I would love for them to see the face of your daughter and hear from a mom who knows their current fears. It is so awesome to see read your words and see what the Father has done. Thank you for sharing your story!!! My dear friends are Banji and Rebekah and their blog is I will be back to see more of your sweet family!

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful and amazing group. Thank You for sharing.


Jessica mommy to Alex/ RTS said...

There is just nothing like meeting other mommas who are in your exact shoes. Nothing like it!
What amazing little miracles indeed!

Karen said...

You will never know what that meant for you to take the time to contact my dear friend...thank you, thank you!!!!

Kim ( said...

All I can see when I look and read your blog is one miracle after another. What a blessing for these 3 sweet babies to be able to meet and for the Mommy's to be able to celebrate them together. It's so touching.
Can't wait to meet Annabel!
With love,

therextras said...

Miracle is just the right word to characterize the lives of Annabel and the other girls.


The Snell Family said...

Glad to hear from you, I have been keeping tabs on you. I loved spending time with you in Denver. I am sad we can't make the trip the Ronaoke. I hope we can see eachother again soon, Arianna loves Annabel, I will post pics on my blog of them here in SLC.

Love ya

Laurie in Ca. said...


Just a quick note in case you didn't see my comment under yours about getting to meet my sweet Kim. I am just a teeny big jealous in a good way. I wish I could be there and meet you both. Please give Kim a big hug for me and pat that precious "belly bump baby" for me. You girls are so special in my life and I love you both.

Love and Hugs, Laurie
PS. I have an award for you when you get a chance. You don't have to play if you don't have the time.
Okay, have a wonderful day tomorrow.