Thursday, April 24, 2008

No news is good news...

Several people have inquired that I have not made a post in a few days. I keep thinking that I want to be positive but lately my emotions have been a little down. I really know I am just tired, but I really just want everyone to think that it is always a great day here! I never want anyone to think that I am not so completely blessed by the gift God has given to us. I am so unbelievably BLESSED! On Monday night Annabel was very congested and has been having a fairly tight cough. I am sure it is just allergies. No need to see a dr. since we have been and continue to be on antibiotics. We have been so blessed not have many colds this winter, that I am sure this is just our good ole Southest Texas air. She is up almost every hour and crying out like she is uncomfortable. She wants to suck her paci but can't with the congestion. We are still praying that when the antibiotic is discontinued on Sunday that she will stay clear. With her being sick and myself not being full of energy, we are having some great snuggly time at home. Sometimes it is nice to not have any plans and just stay in our p.j.'s. Thank you for all the comments on the blog and I am truly grateful for the love sent Annabel's way. This picture is one of my favorites. It was taken in July, 2007. Due to her not feeling so well, I have not taken any pictures.


Anonymous said...

No doubt you are blessed! But no doubt you have every reason to be down and exhausted. God has a way of slowing us down when we most need it. Enjoy your "down" time and use it to charge your batteries for the days to come. Keeping you all in my prayers! Janell Ford (LaLa's Mom)

Mrs Redboots said...

Glad all is well. Can you get decongestant nasal drops for her from your pharmacist? It might make her more comfortable.

grandma judy said...

I don't always like to give out ideas but this works so well for my husband (allergies), daughter with Cystic Fibrosis and the special needs little girl that I help with. Tea Tree oil just put some on a q-tip where she can't reach it but can breath it. Also in a little crock with water a few drops and when she sleeps she will be much better. My daughter was just getting sick and that is what she did and we kept her of drugs. Have a restful day. grandma judy

Hilary said...

Hopefully she will be back to her old self soon!! Cuddling is the best :) Take care and get better

Laurie said...

Hi Cathy,

I have been thinking about you and Annabel and asking God to restore your energy and strength. This is such a full time job with no time off to recooperate mentally or physically. I am praying for all of your other needs too. So much going on for one mommy to handle alone. Keep on snuggling for as long as you need to, it is good for both of you girls. Sending love and hugs to you today.

Love, Laurie in Ca.

Jessica mommy to Alex/ RTS said...

How important sleep is, and when we dont get it, things arent the same.
you are doing great!!!!!

Anonymous said...


Every mother understands. Especially those of us who have been there. Please know, the we all love her and your daily notes have spoiled us. There are those of us who drink our morning coffee with Annabel and others that check out her site the second we get home. Just as do with her on a daily basis, you go out of your may to meet our needs for an Annabel fix. Thank You for all you do.

God Bless


Kathy said...

Hi Cathy,

You all ready know how I feel about all that you do! Please know that you certainly do not have to keep up a facade with any of us that love you and Annabel so much.

I believe it's good to "vent". Annabel's blog is just the place to let your hair down. Believe me, all of us girls will pray for sleep (!) strength, energy, and that perfect peace that passes all understanding.

We are here for you! Praying for relief for Annabel's breathing, healing of her UTI and rest for her as well.


Laurie said...

Hi Cathy,

Just checking in on you girls this Saturday afternoon and sending love and hugs to you. I am praying Annabel continues to get better and back to herself. Hoping your weekend is a rest filled and peaceful one, full of snuggles.

Love you, Laurie in Ca.

amanda said...

She's beautiful, and that's a beautiful photo.

I certainly understand your feelings/thoughts in your post because I've heard those before from my sister who has a special blessing, and who is a special blessing in our family-his name is Hayden.

Praying you get rest and feel refreshed, and your beautiful daughter's congestions eases.

Keep on enjoying those snuggles;)