Monday, October 6, 2008

Simply beautiful words..

I received an email from a lady in Switzerland wanting to add Annabel's site to her site. After reviewing her site, I said yes and thanked her for taking the time to read Annabel's story. On her site were these very simple words by Max Lucado...

You are valuable because you exist.
Not because of what you do or what
you have done...but simply because
you are

If only our medical experts could take this to heart when giving such lethal diagnosis! I believe they should be honest and tell you the facts, but there is still that percentage that do exist. Their existence bring such love, joy and happiness to all that are blessed to know them.


connie said...

Amen! I was just thinking the same thing, about being valuable just for being. What a gift they are.

Stacy@hiswaynotmine said...

Cathy-What beautiful words...if only doctor's would trade the words for T18 from "incompatible with life" to "You are valuable because you exist!"

Praising God that Annabel is beginning to feel better.

Laurie in Ca. said...

Beautiful and simple words with such a huge impact of truth. Since God does not make mistakes, these children are such treasures from Him to teach us about life. I love you Cathy and I love Annabel. Praying for her to heal completely.

Love, Laurie in Ca.

I was inspired by my sons nurse, so I became a nurse. I'm momma to 4 boys one with RTS, one with T1D. I get my therapy and strength through crossfit and take each day as it comes. said...

Not only do the medical people need to know this, but our world needs to feel this too, our kids are beautiful because they exist, not because of what the do.
They hold just as much calue!!!
Thanks for these words.

The VW's said...

Amen! What beautiful words!

ANewKindOfPerfect said...

I agree 10000% percent. Our kids are SUCH a gift. I am so lucky and blessed and honored to be the mother of my Peanut!